LectroRM Varies with device

Source:New Endian LLC

Remote control application for Lectrosonics® SM Transmitters.

Change Audio Level, Frequency, Sleep mode, and Lock mode by playing a tone through an attached microphone.

Easy use - all settings are found on one screen
Safe - "Hold Button To Activate" prevents accidental changing of settings
Presets - save presets to quickly reference the settings on all of your transmitters
Volume Control - hear the loudness of the tone before activating it
Coarse Frequency Select - Hold the frequency spinner to coarsely tune before finely tuning

*SM Transmitters must be configured to accept remote control. Hold the down button while turning the transmitter on and select "rc on". The original SM requires firmware version 1.5 (released 12/05) to respond to the remote. The firmware version number appears upon turning on the unit. SMa, SMQV and SMV models all support remote control.

Lectrosonics® is a registered trademark of Lectrosonics Inc. Lectrosonics Inc. does not support or endorse this app.

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